June 2, 2023


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"Maybe it's a joke."  Alexandra Miroslav broke the world record in style [WIDEO]

“Maybe it’s a joke.” Alexandra Miroslav broke the world record in style [WIDEO]

“on the way to World Championship Having had moments of weakness, she traveled to train from Lublin to Tarnow. Today she trains in a club called Kotłownia, she studies and is a physical education teacher at the school. Her fingers are barely healed, but none of her competitors climb as fast Alexandra Miroslav“- In the text, Piotr Wesołowicz, a journalist from Sport.pl, called “Spiderwoman”, wrote about it. In early May, the 28-year-old broke the world record in the World Cup qualifiers in Seoul. The time obtained after that was 6.64 seconds, which is 0.2 better than during that time Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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Alexandra Miroslav broke the world record again

this is register It didn’t even last a month. And, of course, Ola Miroslav hit him herself! Polish women are currently competing in world Cup in Salt Lake city. And just like in Seoul, I broke the record in the qualifiers. The new record is 6.53 seconds, ie result 0.11 seconds better than the previous one. In the time trial, Pole was of course second to none. Notably, however, the runner-up went to runner-up representative. Alexandra Kauchka clocked a time of 7.04 seconds, while American Emia Hunt (May 7) took third place.

Other Polish actors also performed well. Natalia Kauchka ranked fourth (7.16), Patricia Chudziak ranked seventh (7.66), and Anna Proshik (8.52) ranked 15. All competitors made it to the finals. This will take place at 4:00 Poland time.

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