January 30, 2023


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The new PS Plus will provide users with an 'easy' way to switch between viewing levels

The new PS Plus will provide users with an ‘easy’ way to switch between viewing levels

Last week, Sony confirmed the expansion of the new PS Plus offer, thanks to which Polish gamers will also be able to use PS Plus Premium. According to the latest information, subscribers will be able to switch between different offers very efficiently.

In June, the extended PS Plus will debut in various markets, including Poland. Thus, customers will have access to three options – they will use the “traditional” version of the subscription, check the extensive catalog of PS5 and PS4 games, or in addition, they will have the opportunity to watch classics from the manufacturer’s previous consoles.

As per the latest reports, we won’t have to stick to a single subscription plan. The community will benefit from the option to easily navigate between shows – One Reddit user received positive news from PlayStation:

“You can easily upgrade to a higher service plan at any time. To do this, you will have to pay the difference between the current plan and the new plan, adjusted for the remaining subscription time.”

Initially, a player using PS5 or PS4 will be able to use PlayStation Plus Essential, while when PlayStation Plus Extra is visited through strong and predictable production, or through classics from PS1 and PS2, after paying the difference for the remaining game time. By purchasing the service, he will be able to enjoy a host of additional benefits.

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