March 21, 2023


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Elden Ring players banned for lifting their panties

Elden Ring players banned for lifting their panties

The From Software community has another problem. Players pick up or receive panties thrown away by other players, and those interested in them are thus prohibited. The message about play ban appears before joining the session.

From Software’s latest production deals with the issue of hackers, which causes new items that were not previously available in the game to appear. One such item was the underwear that was part of the collection.

Fia (independent character) was supposed to get her spot on the Elden Ring, but one in the final straight was removed from production. However, hackers have unlocked the content, and can now transfer it to other players’ worlds – “Deathbed Smalls” will be thrown next to the player who picks up the item will be blocked.

According to information obtained by one of the victims – the first bans are temporary, but the following ones may be permanent, which will make fans lose access to the servers and will not be able to play with other Elden Ring fans.

As reported by Eurogamer – There is even a hacker nicknamed “Pantsu Merchant” who breaks into other players’ worlds, throws their panties off, and then the unlucky ones get banned.

At the moment, it is really difficult to defend against such an invasion, but it is worth emphasizing that a similar problem arose after the premiere of the Elden Ring. However, it is now colored by the same and by the person who chose to influence the experience of society in this negative way.

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Elden Ring - Pantie Pan - 1

Elden Ring - Panty Panty - 2