The "Go back to Russia" banner made Summers cry.  The sound of whistles as she set foot on the field

There was a rematch on Sunday Game TauronLiga Volleyball Semi-Final. A local clash took place in وودód Kansas Pounds Commercon with Developed by Rzeszów. The match ended with the visiting team winning 3:1 (25:17, 23:25, 25:21, 25:23). counts Stefan Antiga They also won the first match 3:2 and thus secured promotion to the tournament finals.

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A volleyball festival is being prepared in Poland. The Prime Minister announced that our country will take over the organization of the World Cup instead of Russia

The attack banner made Malwina Smarzek cry. Fans praise her game in Russia

more than fr. Results Sunday match However, there is talk of a situation that happened before the start of the match. fans ŁKS They hung an offensive banner directed at the Developers مشغل operator Malwina Summerzak. It read “smarZek back to Russia”. Thus, the fans reminded the volleyball player of her game in Russian League after the invasion Ukraine.

Lyon won and they tried their last chance match and they are still fighting for the final

When Smarzek saw the sign, she immediately hid her face, and tears streamed from her eyes. It should be added to the title volleyball players The letter Z has been capitalized for a reason and is a symbol Russian The forces that attack Ukraine and kill its citizens for two months.

Malwina Smarzek decided to terminate the contract with Kaliningrad locomotive Only after an incident in one of the matches, when the fans of the team waved cards with the letter Z. Poland representative Avoid the subject of Russian aggression against Ukraine. “There are a lot of messages of criticism about how I can stay in Russia and play here. I can go home, but will that solve anything? Does playing a league match put me in someone else’s side?” – Explained in one of the posts on social networking sites.

Having moved to the Polish League, Maloena Smarzyk did not unequivocally condemn the actions of Russia.. In an interview with WP Sportowe Fakty, she asked questions about her decision to remain in Lokomotiv after the invasion of forces Russian President Vladimir PutinAnd the situation in Ukraine, she replied in the same way: “I do not want to answer.” Smarzek started Sunday’s game off the bench. The whistles greeted her when she later entered the field fans.

Developres will face Rzeszów in the TauronLiga Final, the semi-final winner between them Police Grupa Azoty Chemik and Grote Podolani Lodz. Chemika Police volleyball players won the first match 3:0. He got his revenge on April 25th at وودód.

Sakara's missed opportunities.  The Polish champion is close to the finalSakara’s missed opportunities. The Polish champion is close to the final

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