The new prices for EU95 gasoline will be a surprise.  On December 4, changes at gas stations

95 petrol and diesel i.e. fuel prices without brakes

Petrol and diesel prices Gas liquefied petroleum gas Announcing the latest analyst reports. What amounts will be received for drivers starting Monday, December 4?

– Fuel at stations is cheaperBut the dynamics of cuts in recent days has not been high. However, the downward trend should continue at the beginning of December, which will make refueling before Christmas cheaper than last year. – Announcement of analysts.

95 gasoline is cheaper. How much do diesel and LPG cost?

Last week, the price of diesel oil fell more than ever. After a reduction of 5 cents, the cost of diesel averaged 6.64 PLN/l. 95 gasoline became 4 cents cheaper the prices At the level of PLN 6.47 / liter. The cost of refueling with LPG is 3.03 PLN / litre.

– The discount at gas stations is possible thanks to the favorable situation on international markets, where the Polish zloty has been strengthening for several weeks, and crude oil prices, after their declines in the second half of October, have stabilized around 80 US dollars. Fortunately for Drivers OPEC+’s recent decisions on production policy for the coming months should not revolutionize the oil market – Experts explain.

The changes starting Monday, December 4th will be a giveaway

Reducing fuel prices at stations We should also see from Monday 4 December. 95 gasoline It will cost on average 6.36-6.48 PLN / liter. Diesel oil will be available at a price of PLN 6.55-6.67 / litre. LPG should also be available – next week’s price is PLN 2.98-3.05 per litre.


Price as of December 4, 2023

95 gasoline

6.36-6.48 zlotys/l

Diesel oil

6.55-6.67 zlotys/l

liquefied petroleum gas

2.98-3.05 zlotys/l

The extent of the changes remains unsatisfactory

BM Reflex analysts also point to deep declines in average fuel prices. However, in their opinion, the size of the cuts is still not satisfactory.

95 The cost of gasoline is PLN 6.48 / litre (4 g/L is cheaper during the week). The most noble 98 gasoline costs PLN 7.03 (-5 groz/litre). The price of diesel oil is PLN 6.64/L (-3 PLN/L). LPG – 3.04 PLN/L (-2 PLN/L).

Refueling the car at the gas station / Tomas Sevastyanovich

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