The announced investments are aimed at increasing the convenience of rail travel in Wielkopolska.  There are details

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA has announced a tender for investment within the framework of the “State program for the construction or modernization of railway stations for the period 2021-2025”.

Modern platforms at Golina (Jarocin municipality), Stara Opera (Koźmin Wielkopolski municipality), Koźmin Wielkopolski (Koźmin Wielkopolski municipality) and Bożacin (Krotoszyn municipality) on the Oleśnica – Chojnice line (No. People with mobility difficulties will find it easy to use the trains eg towards Jarocene and Krotoszyn.

The rebuilt platforms in all four cities will be taller and wider. Passengers will get on and off trains more comfortably. Canopies, bright LED lighting, translucent panels and display cases are provided with useful information on the trail. There will be guiding tracks on the non-slip surface to help the blind. Access to the platforms will be adapted to the needs of people with mobility difficulties. New racks installed near the platforms will encourage eco-friendly rail and bicycle travel”- reports Radosław Śledziński from PKP PLK.

In Golina, Obra Stara and Bożacin, the existing platforms will be replaced with new ones, and in Koźmin Wielkopolski, instead of the current three – after reconstruction – two passenger platforms will be prepared (the current platforms No. 2 and No. 3 with new numbering: platform No. 1 and No. 2).

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA announced a tender for investment implementation within the framework of the “State Program for the Construction or Modernization of Railway Stations for the Period 2021-2025”. The estimated value of the works, in the “design-build” formula, in all locations, is about PLN 10 million (net) from budget funds. The construction works will start after selecting the contractors scheduled for this spring, and preparing the necessary documents, while the completion of the works is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023. added the speaker.

According to the information, the purpose of the “State Program for the Construction or Modernization of Railway Stations for the Years 2021-2025” is to counter transport exclusion, promote ecological transport and support the Polish economy.

In Wielkopolskie voivodship, the stopping program has 19 starting roster spots, including Białężyce, Patyków, Piła Fabryczna, Słupca, Książno, Miłosław, Pleszew, Jastrowie City. Contracts have already been signed with contractors to carry out works, for example in Książno, Orzechów, Dobrzeków, Białężyce, Słupca and Jastrowie.

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