Low electricity prices on special request.  These are the principles of the new 2022 electrical accessory [3.10.2022]

The government decided to freeze electricity prices for households in 2023. In order to use the prices from 2022, a number of conditions must be met, including submitting an appropriate document to the energy company that gives us the right to increase the cap.

Freezing electricity prices will be applied to farms, which will consume no more than 2000 kWh of energy per year. In the case of families where people with disabilities live, it will be 2600 kWh. Large family card holders will be able to use up to 3000 kWh of electricity. An additional condition to take advantage of lower electricity prices is the need to submit an appropriate application to an energy company. This information must be confirmed by the relevant documents.

The energy company will have to receive documents proving the disability or a certificate confirming the possession of a large family card in order to apply the tariff taking into account the above cases.

Let us recall that the project presented by the Minister of Climate and Environment was approved regarding the situation in the electricity market under the so-called Solidarity Shield. This is to cover all households in the country from January 1, 2023.

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