What could The Rock have given Cody Rhodes before leaving?

The most interesting part was during Rock AfterMania when he signaled to Cody Rhodes that he was going to come back one day to face him, but not only that.

In fact, The Rock gave Cody Rhodes a very mysterious gift. Rock asked Rhodes to approach Rhodes to give him something that had been hidden because Rock didn't want Cody Rhodes to show it to the public. A gesture that ends a division between two wrestlers.

We still don't know what Cody Rhodes has on his arm at this point, but some clues suggest it could be a pearl from Roman Reigns' “Ula Fala” necklace. This is the famous pearl necklace that Roman Reigns always wore during his matches to show that he was the leader of the tribe.

Four possibilities suggest that it might be good for these reasons:

  1. The Rock said Cody Rhodes didn't need to open his arm to know what it was. That is, the gift may have a unique form.
  2. The Rock told Cody Rhodes to promise never to break his heart again. So if Rhodes decides to give the prize to someone else, the gesture will hurt The Rock.
  3. The match was Bloodline Rules, which technically meant Cody Rhodes was the new Tribe Leader because he beat Roman Reigns in his stipulation.
  4. Throughout the promo, The Rock showed great respect for Cody Rhodes. He shared his People's Champion title with Cody Rhodes, showing that even though he was the ultimate boss, the two were equals.

This means that this pearl from Roman Reigns' necklace is going to Cody Rhodes as he is the new tribe leader. This is definitely an innovation in the storyline that will play an important role and will be one to watch as this prize could change the course of events.

The next few weeks will be very interesting

Photo credit: WWE

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