EU experts calculated inflation in Poland.  Fifth place in the European Union.  Despite the decline

Eurostat, the European Union body responsible for publishing statistical data, reported on how high the inflation rate was in the European Union (including Poland). Prices calculated excluding prices of food, energy, fuel, other managed prices and financial services in Poland in September 2023 on an annual basis increased by 7,7 Proc. Compared to 9.5 percent in August. Monthly prices decreased by 0.1%.

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HICP inflation. Eurostat publishes the data

There is also data for the entire community. HICP inflation was 4.3%. On an annual basis for the euro area, which is in line with expectations. The previous reading indicated a value of 5.2 percent.

The lowest rate was recorded in the Netherlands There the index fell to a negative value of -0.3%. At the other end, Hungary comes with a rate of 12.2%. Poland has the fifth highest inflation rate in the European Union (7.7%).– It is worse in the Czech Republic (8.3), Slovakia (9.0), Romania (9.2) and the aforementioned Hungary. The EU average is 4.3%. This value for HICP inflation is recorded by Germany and Cyprus.

The Polish HICP inflation rate is above average

Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Spain, Finland, Greece, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands were below average. Malta, Ireland, Italy, France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary recorded readings above average.

The HICP index is a harmonized index of consumer prices, calculated according to the harmonized methodology of the European Union Statistical Office. According to the inflation criterion included in the Maastricht Treaty, the Consumer Price Index (HICP) is the basis for assessing price stability. Inflation data in the CPI index comes from household budget spending and the national accounts, while for the CPI it comes only from household budget spending. (Business section)

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