Puchalski o przygotowaniach do przetargu na nowego operatora

TIER, a Berlin company best known for its electric scooters, has announced its acquisition of a 100 percent stake in Nextbike, a bike rental company, including Warsaw’s Veturilo. In this way, it has become the largest supplier of precision mobility in Europe.

As Berlin announced in a press release, thanks to the merger with Nextbike, the fleet of vehicles on offer will increase to 250,000 in more than 400 cities. The ad stated that Nextbike has been operating bike rental systems since 2004, primarily as an exclusive city operator, and in its 17 years of existence it has built a profitable shared mobility business model. After the merger, the two companies will provide bicycles, e-bikes, cargo bikes, e-scooters, e-scooters and e-scooters on a single platform. The combined vehicles will be available in fixed, stationary and hybrid systems.

The acquisition of Nextbike — with its unparalleled expertise and connections in hundreds of cities — is a unique opportunity to take bike sharing to the next level, get more people out of cars and offer a more sustainable mobility solution, said Lawrence Lochner, CEO and Co-founder of Tier Mobility. “I’ve always been a strong believer in the transformative power of city bikes – and it’s great to see the bike market grow so fast,” he added.

Leonard von Harach, CEO of Nextbike, in turn, noted that the merger of both entities results, among other things, from a common mission. – We decided to collaborate with TIER because there is an important common ground in the company culture. Above all, however, we are united in our mission to make cities more friendly with our mobility services, and to solve the problem of congestion, pollution and noise.

Berlin-based TIER recently expanded its operations to 16 countries in Europe and the Middle East with market entry into Hungary, the Netherlands and Bahrain.

Bridging agreement with Nextbike

Nextbike is the city bike operator in Veturillo in Warsaw. This month, the one-year bridging agreement signed with her was set to expire. But – as we reported on tvnwarszawa.pl – The temporary solution will be extended for the next year. As part of the new one-year agreement with Nextbike, the number of Warsaw-financed bicycles and stations has returned to the level of 2016. Based on rental statistics, road workers have also changed the locations of selected stations. In total, in 2021, residents of Warsaw had 4,560 bicycles at their disposal. Last year, 5,800 bicycles were supplied, and the entire system included 398 stations in Warsaw (their number in the bridge system decreased by about a hundred).

Nextbike has been operating on the Polish market since 2011, providing and operating a self-catering city bike rental service. The company cooperates with local governments, creates and expands bicycle systems in Poland. The Warsaw Veturilo system is one of the largest and most popular.

Changes to Veturilo are coming

Puchalski on preparations for a new operator tenderMatthew Szilter / tvnwarszawa.pl
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Main image source: www.tier.app

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