Electricity prices in 2023 discovered Torun cards?  Send customers a special offer

Tauron offered customers with fixed-term contracts a price guarantee to keep electricity prices fairly low (0.50 PLN per kilowatt hour) for the next 12 months. However, there is a catch. While that Torun, effective January 2023, will add PLN 155 of the monthly trade fee to their account. Then customers pay approx. 1.39 PLN per kilowatt hour total.

As indicated in the portal Wysokienapiecie.pl, of the 5 million households to which Torun sells electricity, 2.2 million no longer use tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office. most of them He buys electricity on the basis of fixed-term contracts concluded for a period of one, two or three years.

Electricity prices in 2023 discovered Torun cards?

The giant state proposal surprised some customers so much that they asked the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau to step in.

As noted by the portal Wysokienapiecie.pl, the company explains that the commercial fee in this case is a kind of policy that protects against high electricity price increases from January. So the Torun show shows the projected energy prices in 2023. Actual customer service cost is about PLN 6.40 per month – this is how much Tauron calculates for basic duty free offers for customers from Gliwice and the surrounding area who do not use tariffs approved by the Energy Regulatory Office (similarly to customers from Warsaw). If we subtract this “justified” trade fee from the one Torun wants to charge from January, that is PLN 154.80 per month, the difference will be the actual level of hedging against the increase in electricity prices next year.

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