Pension indexation 2024. This is how your interest will grow
  • Pensions are to be indexed in 2024 at the rate of 12.3 percent. The rate of growth expected by the government.
  • An increase in retirement benefits on the basis of this ratio guarantees a net increase of at least PLN 178 in the case of the lowest benefit.
  • The volatile level of inflation may lead to a new indicator to be unveiled by the government in the coming months.

The indexation of pensions for 2024 will be carried out at the beginning of next year, in March. However, the expected growth rate at which interest paid from ZUS will increase has already been revealed. Pension indexation index It was revealed in the amended budget law. Accordingly we have prepared a simulation table, which can be found below.

The amendment of the budget law illustrates this prediction indicator Indexing of pensions 2024Which ZUS will apply will be up to 12.3 percent and may not be the last word. Let’s remember that there is still a lot of time until the end of 2023, a The amount of the percentage depends on the annual indexing average.

This means that With the end of this year and the beginning of next year, a new pension index may be developed for 2024. After all, inflation has started to decline significantly in recent months. In February of this year, we reached the peak of inflation when the inflation rate rose to 18.1 percent. Valuable. In the following months, starting from February, this value began to gradually decrease. This is how it looked in the odd months:

  • March 2023 – 16,1 proc. every year,
  • April 2023 – 14,7 Proc. every year,
  • MAG 2023 – 12,1 Proc. every year,
  • June 2023 – 11,1 Proc. every year,
  • July 2023 – 10,6 Brook. every year,
  • August 2023 – 10,1 proc. every year.

July forecast Polish National Bank It shows that in 2023 it will be the average annual inflation 11,9 Brook.and in 2024 it will slow down 5,2 procbut now The index, 11.9 percent, was not submitted by the government according to the planned indexation rate Zeus Benefits will increase.

Indexing of pensions 2024 It was carried out on the basis of an indicator of 12.3%. mean minimum current pensionits gross level is PLN 1,588.44 (PLN 1,445 net), It will increase on March 1, 2024 to a total of PLN 1,783.81 (PLN 1,623 net). So it will be the lowest pension Gross 195 PLN, net 178 PLN.

The table below shows the accounts for appraisal pensions 2024. We ran the simulation based on an expected indexing rate of 12.3%. Assuming that The pension index in 2024 will only be a percentage, not a percentage.

However, these are just estimatesand not the applicable amounts of the real pension increase in 2024. Your pension could increase as shown in the table, But it is not necessary to do that.

Pension Index 2024 (GROSS NET TABLE)

Gross annuity
| net annuity
| Gross annuity
(after indexing)
| net annuity
(after indexing)
1588 Polish zlotys 1445 Polish zlotys 1783 Polish zlotys 1,623 Polish zlotys
1,600 PLN 1456 Polish zlotys 1796 Polish zlotys 1,635 Polish zlotys
1700 PLN 1547 Polish zlotys Polish zloty 1909 1737 Polish zlotys
1,800 PLN 1638 Polish zlotys Polish zloty 2021 1839 Polish zlotys
1900 Polish zlotys 1729 Polish zlotys 2,133 Polish zlotys 1942 Polish zlotys
2000 Polish zlotys 1,820 Polish zlotys 2,246 Polish zlotys 2,044 Polish zlotys
2100 PLN 1911 Polish zlotys 2,358 Polish zlotys 2,146 Polish zlotys
2200 PLN Polish zloty 2002 2,470 PLN 2,248 Polish zlotys
2300 PLN 2093 Polish zlotys 2,583 Polish zlotys 2,340 PLN
2400 PLN 2,184 Polish zlotys 2,695 Polish zlotys 2,429 Polish zlotys
2500 PLN 2,275 Polish zlotys 2,807 Polish zlotys 2,518 Polish zlotys
2600 PLN 2,354 Polish zlotys 2,919 Polish zlotys 2,607 Polish zlotys
2700 PLN 2,433 Polish zlotys 3,032 Polish zlotys 2,695 Polish zlotys
2800 PLN 2,512 Polish zlotys 3,144 Polish zlotys 2,784 Polish zlotys
2900 PLN 2,591 Polish zlotys 3,256 Polish zlotys 2,873 Polish zlotys
3000 Polish zlotys 2,670 Polish zlotys 3,369 Polish zlotys 2,962 Polish zlotys
3500 PLN 3065 Polish zlotys 3,930 Polish zlotys 3,404 Polish zlotys
4000 Polish zlotys 3,460 Polish zlotys 4,492 Polish zlotys 3,849 Polish zlotys

Przemyslav Terlicki

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