The controversy surrounding the Oscars continues.  Disgusted stars protest!

While Hollywood’s top filmmakers struggled to bring eight of the stricken classes back into the live broadcast of the Oscars, the Academy remained adamant and decided not to change its mind. Accordingly, the Oscars will be awarded in eight categories before the start of television broadcasts of the ceremony.

These categories are: Best Music, Makeup and Hairstyles, Editing, Audio, Website Design and Best Documentary, Short and Animated Short. In one of these categories – the best short film – the Polish “Dress” was nominated.

The Oscar producer has commented on the Academy’s controversial decision. “We value the nominees in all categories equally. They are our colleagues, the people we work with, the people we love. We make sure that everyone gets their own moments at the party. They will also be treated with the same respect and elegance. As you would expect from the Oscars” Packer asserts.

Incidentally, Packer points out that there are many misconceptions surrounding the Academy’s decisions.

The producer’s words came in response to the skepticism of Jessica Chastain, who announced that if necessary she would leave the red carpet to applaud fellow candidates for makeup and hairstyles for the movie “Tami Fay’s Eyes”. There was a concern that not all of the party’s guests would reach the audience before the live broadcast. According to Packer, it will be ensured that the red carpet is finished before the ceremony begins and that everyone has time to make it to the Dolby Theatre.

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