February 2, 2023


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Kacap, can, "in" or "in" Ukraine?  linguist translate

Kacap, can, “in” or “in” Ukraine? linguist translate

In Ukraine or in Ukraine? A can or maybe a can as well? Who is kacap and how should it be changed? These questions from TVP viewers are answered by the professor. Doctor Hub. Piotr Zbróg, a linguist at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

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TVP3 Kielce notes that for more than a month, when Russia attacked Ukraine, the form “in Ukraine” is often heard. Why this happened was explained by the professor. Zbróg in the program “Bez Failnie”.

– We observe an amazing phenomenon related to the use of structures “in Ukraine” and “do Ukraine”. Although we express a kind of solidarity, here linguists support the preservation of forms in the base, the linguist argues, defending version “in Ukraine”.

The word “kacap” has become fashionable in recent weeks as an offensive word for Russian. The expert will present the etymology of the word “kacap” in later programmes.

By linguistic standards, “can” is often displayed – for example in Internet search engines – as “can”. So, can both models be considered correct? A’s responses. Zbróg will present in the upcoming episodes “Flawless”. The program is broadcast every Wednesday after “The Voice of the Day” (7 pm).


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