The Motorola Moto X Style is one of the coolest phones out there

It’s hard to overshadow the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Motorola Moto X Style was one of those who tried. In 2023, I consider it one of the coolest smartphones ever

Motorola Moto X Style It has a thing of the Nexus 6, it has a thing of elusiveness and it has a lot of vibes. On the occasion of extra free time, we remind you of one of the favorite phones in history. It’s a pity that in 2023 no one wants to design a phone like this.

Motorola Moto X Style is one of my favorite smartphones ever

Even at the time of the premiere, it was difficult to say that the Motorola Moto X Style boasts a cutting-edge design. It was an example of a beautiful triumph of ergonomics over elegance. Which is funny in itself with such a smartphone name. The original structure on the back panel has grooves that have greatly affected the secure grip. The fun began, though, when we started exchanging backs. Bamboo housing? Here you are!

Motorola Moto X Style / photo

If you don’t quite remember when the Motorola Moto X Style first came out, let me put it back in time. It was a direct competitor to the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge). So you see for yourself that Motorola did not come at the right time. For the unfamiliar – this was the moment when Exynos with the Galaxy S6 demolished the corresponding Snapdragon. The difference in performance was massive and a similar scenario has not happened since. That is why it is worth remembering this period.

Motorola Moto X Style / Manufacturer Image

Finally, I wanted to mention a curiosity. Motorola Moto X Syle fully charged in 88 minutes. Sure, it had a smaller battery than this year’s. However, he is 8 years old. This just goes to show how unchanged users’ expectations of fully charged flagships have been over the years.

You will not find such smartphones in 2023

Let’s think about it – how many recent calls have put “cold” over the accounts of the accountants? Other than nothing tel (1) I can’t think of much. Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in vegan leather version? For this, maybe some foldable smartphone. I hope someone will be tempted to return the overly bendy “banana”. It is a pity that LG, which had a big hand in this, decided to focus on washing machines.

Can Motorola Moto X Style be bought somewhere? He who seeks will find. I found it in several different places for about 150 PLN. I mean fully working copies. Unfortunately, even AliExpress — mine for old smartphones — In this case, it raises a white flag. Of course, aside from the collector’s value, it’s hard to recommend such a purchase to anyone nearly 8 years after the premiere.

Motorola Moto X Style / photo

It’s not that in 2023 there isn’t a great phone from this manufacturer. Even on the main shelf, they have something to brag about. The new Motorola Edge 40 Pro has arrived in Poland. See what he can do

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