slag.  Will there be retribution for Jason Doyle?  We have commentary from PGE Ekstraliga

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Jaroslav Galewski

Having won the fourteenth race in Leszno, Jason Doyle gave vent to his feelings. The Australian showed the middle finger to the Fogo Union fans. It is possible to be punished for it. PGE Ekstraliga has already announced that it will investigate this situation.

– Ekstraliga Żużlowa will carry out an investigation. First, the documents will be collected, and then the League’s arbitration committee will deal with the matter – Przemyslaw Zimkoviak tells us. However, the representative of the PGE Ekstraliga does not want to judge what kind of penalties can be imposed on the Cellfast Wilków highway racer. Therefore, we don’t know if it was a financial fine or just a suspension.

I remember Sunday’s meeting was special for the Australian. Doyle came to Leszno for the first time after deciding to transfer from Fogo Unii to Cellfast Wilków in controversial circumstances. The 37-year-old has decided to leave Pyotr Barron’s team, although he previously announced that he would stay in it.

Fogo Unia fans couldn’t forgive him and for that reason they booed him throughout the game on Sunday. After the Australian gesture that occurred after the 14th heat ended, bottles flew in his direction. Previously, fans also tossed dollar bills with his likeness on them.

However, Doyle paid little attention to the whistles and gestures of the local fans. I must admit that he performed well on the track in Leszno. Scored 10 points in five games. His team came close to a thrilling win, but let it slip in the last race. In the end, the match ended with the victory of Fogo Onia 46:44.

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