The moment the tunnel under Martwa Wisla Gdańsk crashes, November 23, 2022

The morning disturbances lasted for several tens of minutes Underpass tunnel wide After two cars collided on the road leading to Letnica. The accident occurred when a driver decided to leave the line of cars stuck in a traffic jam before leaving for the roundabout in Marinarki-Polskegee. When he entered the left lane, he crashed into a car going in the right direction.

About the morning crash that paralyzed traffic in the tunnel under Martua Wisla i Socharsky roadwe reported in Tri-City’s report.

Urgent! The tunnel is blocked
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Do you have to go to the toilet every day when you leave the house?!

Do you have to go to the toilet every day when you leave the house?!

According to the recording from the surveillance cameras installed at the underwater crossing, the accident occurred when one of the drivers lost his patience and decided to get out of the traffic jam at the entrance to the Marinarkye Polski roundabout. As he was changing lanes from right to left, he crashed into another passenger car heading towards Zaspa.

The event itself was not serious. Neither police nor firefighters were called to the scene. However, the intervention of the truck was necessary because the damaged cars were unable to leave the tunnel.

The break in the tunnel lasted several tens of minutes. Before 9 the traffic jam on Sucharski road reached the exit from Przeróbka.

Signs of variable messages failed

As our readers noticed, when traffic congestion increased on Trasa Sucharskiego, drivers driving from the Southern Ring Road were not informed of this.

The variable message signs that were hanging on the road in front of the Elbląg junction have been turned off.

We have passed our readers’ suggestions on to the road workers so that in the future information will appear on banners faster. Then more drivers will have the opportunity to leave the busy road ahead of time.

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