June 8, 2023


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Technical breaks ending with Polsat TVP2 TVN Channel + Night Reasons for frequency

Although currently a large part of the channels run a 24-hour broadcast, broadcasting, for example, re-runs of old productions, some TV stations still suspend the program in the morning or at night.

For example, in the schedule of TVP1 and TVP2 at about 5 am you can find the items “End of the program” or “End of the day”.

Usually, emission is not suspended for more than a few to several tens of minutes. Some public broadcasting channels, such as TVP ABC, TVP Historia, TVP Dokument, and TVP Nauka, finish their programming between 1 and 4 am (depending on the day). TVP did not answer our questions about breaks.

There are no long-term outages in the case of TVN’s main antenna, which, after removing the band with the fairies in the morning, broadcasts mostly well-known HGTV productions or reruns (“Live on the beach,” “Recipe for an old house,” from made you like that?” or “Hidden Truth”). Other terrestrial channels (TVN7 and TTV) and topical stations such as TVN Turbo, TVN Style, Discovery, Animal Planet and Eurosport broadcast around the clock. In recent years, TVN’s main antenna has experienced shorter outages in time, often in the summertime. Mostly the station’s “identity” was broadcast at the time.

Panels with logos instead of channels

Canal + and Telewizja Polsat have a slightly different policy than TVP. They do not broadcast the “End of Program” situation every day, but they do cut the program every now and then during the night hours. For the first broadcaster, the break occurred in mid-February, and the second occurred on the night of March 20-21. The last Canal + Premium film was broadcast at 23.40 and Canal + Film at 23.35. In Ale Kino + the intermission started at 1. Canal + Premium resumed broadcasting on Tuesday at 6, and Ale Kino + at 7.30. The schedule on Canal+ online shows that the break did not apply to Canal+ Family. During breaks, panels with the logos of individual channels are usually broadcast.

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Technical breaks occur on average every month and some channels stop broadcasting at night. Breaks are necessary because necessary system tests and maintenance work are performed, equipment is replaced or upgraded, or channel broadcast parameters are configured and corrected. Such work cannot be done while broadcasting – reports Wirtualnemedia.pl Piotr Kaniowski, Canal + Polska spokesperson.

“Main overview of technical devices”

Polsat also has periodic breaks. One of the last was on the night of March 23-24. It started at 1 am and included Polsat, TV4, TV6, Polsat Series. Polsat resumed broadcasting at 6. – These breaks are completely normal. This is a standard overview of technical devices. This year we have 7 technical breaks planned – the so-called. maintenance nights. They are necessary to maintain the plant’s technological systems in full working condition. For many years we had breaks every month (12 times a year) – 4 years ago we reduced that number to seven – Tomasz Matwiejczuk, Director of Corporate Communications, Telewizja Polsat spokesperson explains in an interview with Wirtualnemedia.pl.

Polish TV stations rarely give up nightly programs anyway, compared to, say, Belarusian ones. 1, 2, 3, and 5 stopped the program around midnight each day, only to resume it in the morning. Only one public channel in this country broadcasts around the clock. Viewers from the country of Alexander Lukashenko must be satisfied with the picture of control.

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