Taxes: Electronic VAT invoices will be mandatory!

While presenting the project to the Chamber of Deputies, Deputy Finance Minister Jan Sarnovsky emphasized that it would be a complete technological novelty, and Poland would be the fourth EU country to implement electronic invoicing.

“This is not only a good system shutdown tool, but also a great convenience for business,” he said. Using an electronic invoice will speed up the tax settlement period VAT of 60 for 40 days.

The entrepreneur will not have to store the invoice, because it will be in the system of the Ministry of Finance, it will not be lost, there will be no need for duplicates, there will be no need to wait for confirmation of receipt. Sarnovsky. Clubs and parliamentary constituencies voted for further work on the bill in committee.

The Ministry of Finance previously announced that there will also be billing changes as part of the e-invoice implementation project, which is part of the SLIM VAT 2 package.

Indicates that there is no obligation to place the label “duplicate” when the original invoice is damaged or lost.

The obligation to include the words “correction of invoice” or “correction” in the corrective invoice, or to indicate the reason for the correction, will also disappear.

As part of the SLIM VAT 2 package, the Ministry of Finance wants to change the rules for making mass corrections.

It will be possible for individual items of the invoice. The taxpayer will allow him for a certain period of time for one recipient, by means of a correction invoice, to correct the invoices for individual supplies or services and to correct all supplies or services.

There will also be an option to issue an invoice earlier than the current time.

The change will allow taxpayers to issue invoices no later than the 60th day (instead of the current 30 days) before the delivery of goods or performance of the service, and on the 60th day before receipt of the goods or the provision of the service, in whole or in part, the Ministry of Finance has informed.

As part of the Polish deal, the government proposes to increase the tax-exempt amount to 30,000 PLN. zloty. Currently, as part of the free amount, you can deduct about 3.1 thousand depending on your income. Polish zlotys up to 8 thousand. PLN (although in the case of those with higher incomes this amount drops to zero).

In addition, it is planned to increase the tax threshold, to which the rate of 17% applies. On top of that, the rate rises to 32 percent. Currently, this limit is 85,000. PLN, as of next year it will be 120 thousand. zloty.

The rules for deducting health insurance fees will change – it is currently 9%. Income, but 7.75 percent. Part of the contribution is tax deductible. This possibility has been removed in the project. To avoid a situation where some taxpayers pay 17 percent. You will lose the tax on this change, the so-called exemption for the middle class, thanks to which the inability to deduct the health insurance contribution will not lead to an increase in taxes paid by income earners from PLN 68.4 thousand up to 133.6 thousand. zloty.

Changes in the free amount and the increase in the tax threshold will be applied to persons employed under an employment contract and entrepreneurs who settle accounts in accordance with general principles. But the draft changes to tax laws also include new health insurance rules for entrepreneurs who pay flat tax, pay flat tax and pay tax on the basis of the tax card.

Fixed taxpayers pay a 4.9% health insurance premium. Income, but not less than PLN 270 (the amount depends on the minimum wage). Also, people who pay taxes according to the tax card will pay a contribution calculated from the minimum wage, so it will amount to PLN 270.

On the other hand, for people who pay the total tax, thresholds will be set – those whose annual income reaches 60,000 PLN. PLN will pay a premium of 9 percent. of 60 percent median income. For companies whose income ranges between 60 thousand. Polish zlotys and 300 thousand. PLN, the premium will be calculated from 100 percent. The average salary, and for companies with an income of more than 300 thousand. PLN – from 180 percent of average income.

The draft amendments to the tax laws also provide incentives for entrepreneurs who invest in robots and modernization, for example through the introduction of the so-called exemption for robotics, which allows to reduce tax burdens as a result of the purchase of completely new industrial robots as well as the software and things needed to operate these robots, and modernization in The field of research and development, relief and relief of innovative employees. These inscriptions can be settled for 6 years.

Another change affecting enterprises is the expansion of the possibility of using the so-called Estonian CIT, that is, the solution according to which the profits of the company are not taxed as long as they remain in it.

The bill also includes provisions to combat the shadow economy. It goes, among others o the possibility of recognition as an entity registered in another country as a Polish tax resident, if it is managed from Poland. If it is revealed that the employer pays a portion of the salary under the schedule, he will be liable to pay the taxes and contributions due. The introduction of the obligation to send accounting data by individual companies and organizations is also intended to stamp them. The so-called SAF-T CIT or SAF-T PIT aims to make it easier to discover which companies are cutting taxes.

Another solution to facilitate the fight against companies, especially large ones, that avoid taxes by applying various types of tax optimization is the so-called minimum income tax. If the company pays tax less than 1%. It does not pay income or taxes at all, and if it has a complex ownership structure (and thus its shareholders include only entities other than natural persons), and has been in business for more than 3 years, it will have to pay a minimum income tax.

All tax changes introduced by the government as part of the Polish system will lead to a decrease in budget revenues by 16.5 billion PLN.

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