December 6, 2022


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UOKiK has filed a lawsuit against Carrefour and Auchan

UOKiK has filed a lawsuit against Carrefour and Auchan

“The head of UOKiK checks the services provided by the commercial networks of the suppliers of agro-food products. It consists in providing the supplier with various services related to the process of selling the goods. It may relate, among other things, to issues of marketing and logistics, and the network charges for its various types of fees related to By sales ”- we read in the announcement of the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Entrepreneurs demand from suppliers of agro-food products a fee for services consisting in the transportation of products from the central warehouses of the chain to their individual stores – this was mentioned.

Costs were shifted unfairly?

“Investigations have been initiated to carefully verify that some of the fees charged to suppliers, including farmers, are not intended to unfairly charge them the costs of operating the retail chains. The inaccurate definition of the services the networks would provide, UOKiK President Tomasz Krustny, said in the press release: They may, in turn, cause the suppliers to be at the contract stage, they may not know what specific activities the networks should carry out for their benefit.”

This is a continuation of our activities in relation to retail chain practices relating to the collection of fees from suppliers. We are also in the process of finalizing market research from which we will publish a report. We do not exclude new actions related to the practices of other companies – Chróstny added.

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