The Lost City (2022) - movie review and opinion [UIP]

If we sometimes get confused in the repetition of culture, let’s ask ourselves if it always means something bad. The truth is, “Love, Emerald, Crocodile” has happened before, and “Uncharted” is an ugly Indiana Jones movie turn. Sometimes these effects will show up, sometimes they don’t. For example, the ultra-modern “Lost City” steals as much of those films as possible (especially the first one). and what? And nothing, we will survive, because it is absolutely painless. Especially if we swallow this movie with the right attitude.

Anyway, the adventures of a romantic writer kidnapped because her work may contain clues about the location of an ancient place full of riches, is primarily a romantic comedy, and secondarily an adventure movie. Both agreements are wrapped in a loving hug, but in the end, the plot of Adam, who is in love with Loretta, leads the way.. But one by one, so as not to get lost in this race. The model, best known for lending the face and muscles to the covers of her romance novels, sets out to rescue the kidnapped writer. The guy is a bit messy in the cleaning process, sometimes he is carried away by imagination and Dasha is considered a bold, adventurous one from the above books, although later it turns out that there is much more that you can see at first glance (and at first glance you can see mainly his chest and shoulders). ). The man is so determined that he sets off into a dangerous forest to snatch a woman from the hands of a wealthy, eccentric man. He dreamed that he would find the mentioned lost city, but like our hero – he also takes women’s books very seriously. And in all of this, you are only looking for love.

The Lost City (2022) – movie review and opinion [UIP]. Nothing big, but nothing small

All this generates many jokes that the directors managed to record on tape. Some are taller and some are low-ranked, but most of the time they don’t hit the clouds. And this will reveal the figure, this will play with the expectations of the viewer regarding the development of romance, and then they will squeeze in a big cameo, because it is intense in all the splendor of Brad Pitt. However, these trinkets don’t make us lose our heroes off the radar. Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum have this “thing” called chemistry, and they’re as comfortable in this agreement as Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner did years ago. They react to their jokes, they talk, they match each other visually, and they try to approach everything with caution, but not as an easy way to cash a check. However, sometimes the creators here do not deliver “at the top” – this is an extended dialogue, the timing of which is wrong, and then burns the thread with some unbalanced clarity. Small pieces to be swallowed.

The Lost City (2022) – movie review and opinion [UIP]. Love, emeralds, and a bare chest

The entire movie is comprised of well-known tropes, but is built enough by pop culture that it’s worth investing in a refresher. Anyway, Tatum actually starred in one movie that took on familiar beginning themes and then magically wrapped them in. “21 Jump Street” and its sequel are still one of the best comedies in his business, while “Lost City” is shelved with mascots that pick up among the most important projects. You could swear you didn’t risk a bolder idea here, but how can you be so pissed off, that the movie doesn’t promise anything else on a promotional level? Against the backdrop of adventure cinema, this year it is enough to have a little more magic than “Uncharted” to allow the viewer a moment of magical escape. With this comedic approach to brothers Aaron and Adam Nee able to win our hearts, especially when we go to the cinema loaded with popcorn, our other half sitting next to her. Then everything works as intended by the producers.

And this is the cinema of the era of coronavirus deregulation: naive, petty, but also mediocre, it must be swallowed up. Expecting more things will bring you disappointment, and lowering them will bring you a pleasant session. And that’s all there is to it. Go ahead and we go on an adventure, and finally a little romance.

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