“The Lincoln Lawyer” is without a star in season three.  Who (not) will we see in the new episodes?
The Lincoln Lawyer, the Netflix series from director David E. Kelley, will get a third season. Its text will be inspired by the novel “The Gods of Guilt”, which is the fifth volume in the Mickey Haller series. It is also known that one name will be missing from the cast.

Lincoln Lawyer season 3 without Neve Campbell? Warning: Spoilers!

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Neve Campbell will not be appearing in season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Maggie McPherson, who plays her, does not appear in the novel Goddess of Guilt, on the basis of which the script will be written. Manuel Garcia Rulfo (Mickey Haller), Becky Newton (Lorna), Jazz Raicol (Izzy), Angus Sampson (Cisco), and Yaya Da Costa (Andrea Freeman) will reprise their roles.

attention! The remainder of the script contains spoilers for season two of The Lincoln Lawyer!

Campbell’s character’s role was already limited in the second season. At the end of it, the heroine accepts a job in another city.

What is the Lincoln Lawyer about? Watch the trailer for season two

The Lincoln Lawyer premiered on Netflix in May 2022. Starring Manuel Garcia Rulfo, Neve Campbell and Becky Newton. Watch the trailer for season two:

Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia Rulfo), a rebellious idealist, runs a law firm from the back seat of his Lincoln, handling cases big and small in Los Angeles. The second season of the series is based on Michael Connelly’s bestselling novel “The Lincoln Lawyer” and is an adaptation of the fourth book in the series, “The Fifth Witness.”

Who is David E. Kelly?

David Kelly is an American screenwriter and producer, the creator of such series as “Where the Devil Says Goodnight” and “Boston Public” and most recently “Big Little Lies”, “Again”, “Nine Strangers” and “Love and Death” legal series, including These include “Ally McBeal,” “Lawyer’s Office,” and “Boston Eagles.”

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