“Strange Paths of Life”: Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal in Pedro Almodóvar’s Western

Silva (Pedro Pascal) sets out on horseback across the desert to visit his friend, Sheriff Jake (Ethan Hawke). Twenty-five years ago, Sharif and Silva worked together as mercenaries. Silva visits him to remember old stories and that evening they celebrate their reunion.

After spending the night together, Jake realizes that the reason for Silva’s visit is not the memories of an old acquaintance. It’s a completely different reason, and we’ll see it in theaters on November 17th.

The original title of the movie [“Extrana forma de vida”] It is a reference to the famous fado song performed by Amalia Rodriguez. From the lyrics of this song you hear that the strangest existence is the one that ignores its desires. “Throughout his work, Pedro reinterprets film genres and questions their styles,” explains Agustín Almodovar, his brother’s new film.

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