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Once in every generation, it finds a work so perfect in its message that the flame of his genius overshadows everything else. It could be anything – from sculptures like ‘David’, to fantastic and timeless literature like the ancient poet’s ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’, or Homer, or maybe someone else entirely, as today’s scholars tell many stories about his life in doubt. It’s no different in the world of movies, either. Cinematography is over a hundred years old. During this time, she has been able to show the world some really great products of the highest quality. But I’m still waiting. I’m still waiting for a production to burn bright enough to cover (or prefer to burn) the crime against humanity that is “Nerd”.

Nerd 2019 movie [Netflix].horror

Norbert (Arthur Schmidt) is the most stereotypical version of the nerd in the world. He never leaves the house, his diet consists only of pizza, he neglects his birthday just to be able to play a little more, and he gets overly angry at everything, even the smallest, trifle. If anyone has a grudge against “The Big Bang Theory”, because they presented the culture of nerds in a bad light, barely touching the top of the iceberg of the topic, it is best not to approach “Nerda”. If not. Don’t let anyone get close to Nerda. Just. But I got off topic. Norbert finally leaves home to pay his internet bill. Unfortunately, since he’s a fiercer growth than a human, he didn’t notice that it was Sunday, so he wouldn’t be able to settle the batch. Meanwhile, a special strike group to ensure people pay for the internet has harassed Norbert’s mother (Catarzina Figora), who beats her cat throughout the film and wonders if she should buy mobile internet. There is also a drunk driver Marianne (Grzegorz Pawlak) and a girl who drives everywhere with him. Marianne may, and may not be, God and the Internet in one person. That’s it. This is the whole movie. Please don’t waste 90 minutes of your life on it.

Nerd 2019 movie [Netflix]. no escape

I don’t know how this movie was made. And the actors played to the full ensemble. famous actors. What was driving Arthur Schmidt when he wrote the script? Did he feel he was doing well while filming the following scenes? Does he like the end product? If so, it’s likely just him and his close friends. When Tommy Wiseau did his masterpiece, The Room, he also had no talent or sense. However, he had a huge advantage over Mr. Schmidt – a lot of money, which allowed him to surround himself with people with little knowledge of filmmaking. As a result, his picture looked almost like cinema and had a kind of very traditional script progression. The actors weren’t great, and even if someone knew more or less what they were doing, they still couldn’t spread their wings because of the painfully bad script. It turned out to be too bad it was fun. So why is the “nerd” just so pathetic, with no humor anywhere in sight? Because, just like Tommy, he tried to create high-altitude cinema, Arthur went from the beginning to a grotesque (perhaps) film intended to amuse the viewer. The former came up funny by accident, and the latter was trying incompetently to be funny from the start.

What were actors like Pawlak and Figura guided by when they played roles in Schmidt? Perhaps the desire to earn a few pennies quickly. Perhaps they knew the director in private, or Mr. Arthur had some hooks. Nothing in “Nerda” looks like it should. Hopelessly written dialogues are repeatedly cut short by actors unable to act. The following scenes shock you with poorly lit interiors or a poorly arranged space, most likely prepared without a second thought. Kasia Figura repeats the same line over and over in her few scenes. Grzegorz Pawlak seems to be the only one having a good time with his character, but so what, as there’s nothing really interesting about her anyway. I urge you, don’t waste your time on this. That was enough for me.

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