Decode “because he’s afraid.”  11 tips to better understand the craziest Ari Aster movie
A completely controlled chaos, a film that will be discussed for years, bold and psychedelic – Ari Aster’s latest film “Because I’m Afraid” does not leave viewers indifferent. This is the most daring and original project in the filmography of this promising director, and at the same time “Because I’m Afraid” is a film that provokes even more discussions and attempts to understand what just happened on the screen.

In order to respond to these needs, the film’s distributor, Gutek Film, has prepared 11 tips for viewers that may be useful in pointing out new interpretive directions.

1. Big Brother is watching, meaning Beau is being watched. Notice the cameras and people in the background watching the beau.

2. Jesus Sees Your Filth and Erectus Ejectus – Look carefully at the graffiti, billboards, and graffiti in the Beau neighborhood.

3. ARY ATER IS A REAL MOVIE. Watch his favorite films: “A Serious Man” by the Coen brothers, “Playtime” by Jacques Tati, “Rosemary’s Baby” by Roman Polanski and… “The Woman Without a Head” (excuse me, spoiler) by Lucrezia Martel.

4. Find all products with the MW logo in the world of Beau.

5. Listen to Grace (Amy Ryan). Especially when it’s out of frame.

6. Carefully observe the people around Beau and find them in the images in the subsequent group design.

7. Listen to the lyrics to Mariah Carey’s song “Always Be My Baby” and discover the key to Beau’s world.

8. If you don’t know Freud’s theory yet, go ahead and watch the movie again later. You can also search for Homer and Kafka.

9. It’s all mothers’ fault, and if it’s not their fault, then capitalism’s. Follow this lead.

10. Ari Aster is funnier than you can imagine. Remember, “Because He’s Afraid” was made at a black comedy convention, and the director found “Legacy. Hereditary” and “Midsummer. In the broad light of day” to be funny in places. amazing.


Bo afraid. Because life overwhelms him. Because the world is dangerous. Because everyone always wants something from it. Because mom will be sorry if she doesn’t come to visit, and preferably in the bathtub. However, an unimaginable chain of events forces him to face his fears. On the other side of his fears, real life and an extraordinary and amazing adventurous journey await him.

This journey consists of many plot twists, occasional and unexpected twists. But is it accidental?

Michaek Kakuzu, in his review of Because I’m Afraid for, writes: At times, this movie is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and trying to find the pieces to match the whole. (There’s a reason the puzzle sequences are the best in the entire movie.) * So I get the impression that dealing with bo boj is a process that ends not with the physical end of the examination, but rather when the thoughts and ideas presented here germinate in the minds of the viewers.

If you want to better understand Ari Aster’s latest movie, stay tuned. From the first minutes of the film, the director provides clues that help better understand Beau and the world in which he operates.

We invite viewers to play together and put together a puzzle from the many metaphors and references in Because I’m Afraid.

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