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Another final

This story lasted nine years. That doesn’t seem like a very long time for a movie series, but after 2018’s No Mercy 2, it seemed like there wouldn’t be a sequel. Robert McCall’s earlier adventures significantly lower the bar for the first film, plus Denzel Washington is slowly entering the era when action cinema has to transition into other genres, but Antoine Fuqua didn’t want it to end that way. One might ask whether this was really a good decision and whether it would be better to create a new, original project with Washington. But the director knew what he was doing, he had an idea of ​​how to end this story and he did it better than expected. No Mercy 3: The Final Chapter is a surprisingly good action movie with some of the best elements of the entire trilogy.

Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) trades dreary Boston for sunny Sicily. However, the trip had nothing to do with relaxation. A former Special Forces soldier goes to a local vineyard to settle scores with gangsters. However, he makes a mistake and ends up right on the table of the local doctor. His long weeks of recovery allow him to encounter residents of a charming town who are being harassed by Marco (Andrea Dodero) and Vincent Quaranta (Andrea Scardzio), brothers from the Camorra who are doing illegal business with the Syrians. McCall decides to get rid of the intruders, and CIA agent Emma Collins (Dakota Fanning) helps him in this task. For a man, this is the last task before he retires.

This time it wasn’t personal for Robert McCall, at least not like the last two. And the transfer of events from the dirty American streets to the narrow streets of an Italian town allowed for a strong revival of the series. So it’s different, but the changes were necessary to avoid feeling like a repeat of the entertainment. In addition, Without Mercy 3 has a rather slow pacing, and the limited number of action scenes allowed for a stronger focus on new realities and the transformation of McCall, who has finally found Heaven on Earth, albeit with one obvious flaw that must be cleared up. as quickly as possible so as not to pollute everything in your path.

Even the first scene suggests that No Mercy 3 won’t rely on cheap spectacle and repetitive action scenes. And not to spoil the fun too much, I’ll reveal that when we first see Robert McCall, he’s already done the lead part, and the camera shows us the direct and brutal results of his actions. It works surprisingly better than if we saw the actual action scene. We have to wait a bit for the next scene, where the main character can show off his skills acquired in the army, and by the end of the movie there is only one left, and he is the last one, a nice break from the army. A grand, flamboyant, extravagant duel, which would prove to be McCall’s last dance.

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