Kitchen Revolutions.  Magda Geisler was not happy with what she found

Myastko is a town located in Pomerania. On one of the busy national roads that cross the city, there is a cafe “Marysieka”, run by the couple – Dorota and Marek. As the owner said, they have been running the restaurant for over 25 years. Although the place used to be teeming with life, it is no longer very popular now and the owner must contribute to the business. He also has a lot of responsibilities related to running his business. As explained:

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“Kitchen Revolutions” in Myastco

Despite the difficult situation in the restaurant, the owners of the restaurant are trying not to give up, which is why they decided on “kitchen revolutions”. Magda Geisler I decided to help them restore the former splendor of the cafe. The restaurateur’s first visit to the restaurant did not go well:

When placing the order, Magda Gesler was very dissatisfied. The menu is not what was on the outside advertising. The owner of the restaurant did not stay, and he took a screwdriver and a hammer and himself took the old advertising poster off the wall of the restaurant. Magda Geisler did not like the dishes served:

The owner of the restaurant had a terrible first impression of her stay at “Marysieka”. Magda Geisler just loved potato pie.

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It’s time to talk to the owners. As Dorota said:

During the conversation, it turned out that the couple did not have the best relationship. The owner’s wife is even considering breaking up. It turns out they have debts and Dorota doesn’t even have a bank account. Magda Gesler, after a short conversation with the spouses, went underground to find the kitchen. I liked the fact that it was clean there:

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“Kitchen Revolutions” in Myastco. Magda Gessler introduces changes in the restaurant

Magda Gesler said that in the area where the restaurant is located, behind the stove is like God. She decided that part of the building would be the regional store for this city, so her idea was to sell regional products. Then I focused on the new menu. I also introduced a new name – Bistro ”Mysterious pond“The decoration of the building was also to be changed. The owners were happy with the new ideas. Then Magda Gesler He took the staff and building owners on a sightseeing trip to the aquariums. She said:

The restaurant staff had the opportunity to try fish dishes which everyone liked very much. Magda Geisler offered some cooperation to fishpond owners. At that time, changes occurred in the interior design of the former “Marysieka” cafe. After that, the leader of the “Kitchen Revolutions” developed a business plan with the owners, which also included establishing contacts with local entrepreneurs. To sum it up in words:

How were the “kitchen revolutions” in Myastco? Magda Gesler in Figure

Preparations to promote the buildings were in full swing. However, the organization of staff Magda Geisler failed, and the pace of work turned out to be insufficient. The owner of the restaurant summed it up in the words:

The owner of the place deserved a reprimand from Magda Geisler. Prompt Dorota, the owner of the restaurant, to throw the dishes. Among the products that were to be used to promote the premises, there were, among other things, sandwiches with egg paste and smoked fish, as well as decorating them with edible flower petals.

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Still image from “Kitchen Revolutions” (TVN).

When the restaurant staff came out with delicious dishes to try as part of the promotion, everyone liked them very much:

There was still a lot going on in the kitchen. The bistro “Tagemniczy Pond” has acquired a completely new interior. Unfortunately, due to restrictions, only the first guests will be able to peek at it. However, they will recognize the store offer. Submitted by Magda Geisler in person.

When Magda Gessler came back two months later to check the workflow, the shop was running fine, and there were other guests there as well.. At first she tried the “delicious” fish, the following dishes also melted in her mouth, and the pancakes were simply “wonderful” in her opinion.

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