"erased traces".  Broadcast today on TVP2

Promotional material noted that “there was a period when some traded, while others fought for Poland for free. The payment for this was arrest, imprisonment, dismissal and deprivation of dignity… Death was the worst payment for pewter activity”.

Anita Gargas – Author of documentaries and reports tracing the activities and mysterious death of a dissident of the underground anti-communist peasant movement – Pyotr Bartosz.

He was last seen alive on the evening of February 7, 1984. It was not until two days later that Pyotr’s body was found by the brother. She was stuck in an abnormal position in a drainage well. The murdered activist mourned his wife, who is in her ninth month of pregnancy, and three young children.

The film will reveal the documents and accounts of eyewitnesses: Solidarity and Agricultural Solidarity activists, family members and doctors.

Any knowledge of the circumstances of the exhibition’s death emerges from documents and accounts? How did the militia and the Prosecutor’s Office of the People’s Republic of Poland “secure” the antiquities at the crime scene? Why did the Bartosz family offend the communist authorities? How did Pyotr Bartochet’s death sweep the carpet in the 1980s? Why was the renewed investigation in the 1990s so poorly conducted that it lost so much evidence? And why, although the death of Piotr Bartoshet was recognized by the Institute of National Remembrance as a political murder, has public opinion to this day not identified the perpetrators of the crime?

“Eraser Traces” – a film about the mystery of the death of Pyotr Bartoshet.

Written and directed by Anita Gargas.

Broadcast: November 22 at 22:55 on TVP2.

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