The largest hospital in the Gaza Strip ran out of fuel.  “Patients are starting to die”

Clashes took place between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters near Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza on Saturday. The Israeli army says that Hamas has set up command centers in the tunnels under the hospital and is using civilians as human shields.

The Associated Press reported that hospital employees deny these accusations. Hospital director Muhammad Abu Salmiya said that the hospital ran out of its last stock of fuel needed to operate the electricity generators.

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– Medical devices stop working. He said in a telephone interview that patients, especially in intensive care, began to die, and accused Israeli forces of “shooting everyone, outside and inside the hospital.” The Associated Press reported that explosions could be heard in the background of his voice.

Israeli army representative Colonel Moshe Tetro confirmed that fighting had taken place near the hospital, but denied that the facility was under siege or under direct attack. He confirmed that he is in contact with the director and offered safe passage for people who want to leave the hospital.

“Despite regular attacks and shortages, workers have managed to keep the hospital running,” MSF said. Surgeon Dr. Mohammed Obaid confirmed that many patients after surgery “cannot walk, and cannot evacuate,” the BBC reported.

According to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Ministry of Health, five patients died in the hospital after the power outage, including a premature baby. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported, citing a human rights organization, that two babies born prematurely had died and that the lives of 37 others were at risk.

The Israeli army: We will help evacuate children

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hajari said that the army would help evacuate children from Al-Shifa Hospital on Sunday. — The staff at Al Shifa Hospital asked us to help the children from the pediatric ward reach a safer hospital tomorrow. He said: We will provide the necessary assistance.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Red Crescent announced that Israeli tanks were 20 meters away from Al-Quds Hospital, also in Gaza City, sparking “a state of extreme panic and fear” among about 14,000 people. People who took refuge there.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Hamas was responsible for the damage caused to the civilian population. Israel calls on civilians to evacuate the war zones, while “Hamas is doing everything in its power to prevent them from leaving.”

Martin Griffiths, head of United Nations humanitarian operations, said in press statements

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