The war in Ukraine.  A Russian soldier reveals: There are special units shooting at the escapees

Russian President Vladimir Putinn can not be sure of the loyalty of his soldiers who are fighting in Ukraine and resort to Stalinist methods, To discipline them, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported in the Telegram Communicator, citing testimony from a Russian prisoner of war.

From the testimony of a soldier who surrendered to the Ukrainians In Mykolaiv oblast it follows Behind the front lines there are punitive unitshis job shooting fleeing.

According to him, during the advance of troops deep into Ukraine army occupation He begins to realize that he is not involved in a peacekeeping mission. – But we were made to understand that There is no turning backBecause the forces are following us, he said, they are killing fleeing people who are trying to return to their homes prisoner.

More and more information about the state of the Russian army is leaking into public opinion. He was under the magnifying glass not only Questionable equipment or poor trainingbut the same Mental preparation for soldiers. According to the intercepted recordings from the front or the testimonies of soldiers who surrendered, they were convinced that the Ukrainians would welcome them with open arms. saviors.

There have also been reports that Russian soldiers are increasingly frequent They complained about the lack of judgments And the They refused to obey orders Shooting at civilian targets. Recordings taken from the front indicate that Morale Significantly in the ranks of the Russian army weaken.


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