They starved themselves to meet Jesus.  The number of victims of the Kenyan community is increasing

The people whose bodies were found in the Chakula Forest are members of the Good News International Church. It is chaired by Paul Mackenzie Nthingi. The TUKO portal writes that Mackenzie and his wife Joyce Mwikamba founded the community in 2003. The preacher had to convince believers that he was speaking directly to God.

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The Surprising Teachings of a Kenyan Preacher. Needless to say who is the antichrist

Local media reported that some members of the association were selling their cars and property and donating the proceeds to McKinsey. With this money, Al-Khatib was to buy two cars, land in Malindi and Mombasa, and set up a television station through which he could reach a wider audience.

TUKO stated that Mackenzie’s teachings focused on “the end times and the evils of Western ways of life, such as medical services, education, food, sports, and music.” He also noted that Mackenzie used music as an indoctrination tool. He wrote a song called “Antichrist,” in which he claimed, among other things, that the Catholic Church, the United States, and the United Nations are agents of Satan.

78 people were killed. Kenyan preacher arrested

Paul Mackenzie Nthingi was arrested on 15 April after the bodies of the first five people (a man, a woman and three children, possibly from the same family) were discovered in a shallow grave. From the start, there were suspicions that the victims had starved themselves to death. Later it turned out that there were many corpses. Kenya’s Standard newspaper reported that pathologists will take DNA samples from the victims and run tests to determine whether the victims died of starvation.

The police are still searching for the bodies of the dead, but also for people who may have survived the hunger strike. A 325-hectare forest area near Malindi in eastern Kenya has been closed to the public. The Kenya Red Cross reports that 112 people have been reported missing recently by residents of the area.

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