March 31, 2023


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The James Webb Space Telescope is almost ready to go. Didn’t disappoint

The James Webb Space Telescope will make great strides in astronomy. It is already almost operational, the ground crew confirmed.

As reported by NASA, the alignment of the optical elements was completed a few days ago James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Now the device is almost ready to be monitored. However, the first photos are already behind him. The US space agency shared some remarkably detailed images of the Large Magellanic Cloud a few days ago.

The images come from telescope optics tests and it must be admitted that they made a great impression. Experts acknowledge that the images recorded by the measuring instruments are of much better quality than they expected. Therefore, the JWST is ready to go to the final stage of preparations – putting the scientific instruments into use.

Dr. Scott Acton of Ball Aerospace, who is responsible for the telescope’s optics, admitted. NASA He asserts that the quality of detail reproduction with measuring instruments is the highest allowed by the laws of physics.

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Most of the experts responsible for telescope optics have finished their work. The next step will be the calibration of the remaining data-collecting instruments. Each is equipped with sets of unique lenses, masks, filters and sensors. This stage of preparations will take another two months. Therefore, research work will begin in the summer.