Multiverse only in the movies?  Life can play tricks on us

The multiverse is virtual A collection of all possible versions of the universeIt contains all potentials. Many researchers believe that the existence or non-existence of the multiverse is a consequence of our current existence Understand the laws of physics.

Conscious Understanding of operations Its occurrence in the universe may bring us closer to discovering this mystery. And then it might clear up Existence The multiverse isn’t just a pop culture fantasy.

was created Several theories In science related to the existence of the multiverse. Perhaps the most popular is one of Quantum mechanics. It says that molecules can be in many states at once until the system scales and selects one copy. All possibilities that we have not measured, They have checked in other universes.

Every time there is a choice in the universe, branching occurs resulting from the resulting choices. The important thing is that events and choices begin to form a tree that branches out endlessly. Create alternate realities.

The second theory is determined by the occurrence hypothesis Big swell at first Universe. Because the universe probably looks the same everywhere, physicist Alan Guth has suggested that the early universe went through a period of Accelerated expansion.

So, the space was like this stretchedThis increases the distance between any two points rapidly faster than the speed of light. The result of this event is the expansion of the universe on a very large scale, larger than the observable universe. But cosmic inflation, which had a beginning, must have an end, as it seems, otherwise it would not have evolved as we know it today.

If inflation is real, it is in some areas This process can continue in spacetimeEven if it has already ended somewhere else. Expanding regions can then be considered to separate universesIt expands all the time. This process is continuous, and the resulting universes spawn new universes indefinitely, creating a multiverse.

string theory It is one of the most famous theories of theoretical physics. It is the basis for thinking about the universe in terms of the multiverse, using quantum mechanics. The theory says so Space-time consists of at least ten dimensionsAnd the building blocks of the world are extended strings.

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