"L" carved on the surface of Mars.  "Official Official First Letter" - O2

The NASA Perseverance Mars rover was launched on July 30, 2020. It reached the “red planet” on February 18, 2021 and has been combing its regions since then in order to thoroughly examine the surface of the planet next to Earth.

Recently, rolls of string resembling spaghetti were found on Mars. Photos of shiny tin were also posted on the network, this time with perseverance depicted the symbolic letter “L” carved in the rock.

“L” carved on the surface of Mars. what does this symbol mean?

An image of one of the rocks has appeared on the official Twitter of the Mars rover. Perseverance carefully examines the planet and its soil. He not only takes pictures of them, but also takes samples that will go to Earth for detailed analysis.

The first official letter on the planet Mars. According to NASA experts, the letter “L” appeared on the “red planet”. However, these are not remnants of Mars or other aliens. This is the work of the persevering rover.

Does your name start with the letter L? Congratulations – your first letter is now officially the first rock-cut laser on Mars! To what do you owe this honor? – We read on Twitter.

The rover carved a dotted “L” into the Martian rock. This is a way to distinguish places and samples collected on the surface of Mars. This will make it easier for scientists to deal with the classification of discoveries. “Samples will be collected under appropriate conditions to improve their scientific value upon return to Earth,” wrote Roger Wiens, Principal Investigator at SuperCam.

Mars currently has a very weak magnetic field, but the strength of the previous Martian field is largely unknown. This has important implications for, among other things, the preservation or loss of the Martian atmosphere over time. (…]We would like to use samples returned from a persistence task to fill in this knowledge gap, Wiens explains.

As determined by specialists“The L-mark is a way to keep knowing the direction of rotation of a rock after cutting the core from the same location.”

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