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Best Romantic Comedy on Netflix - May 2022

Best Romantic Comedy on Netflix – May 2022

Warm, getting warmer, better and better climate for love. This time, TELEPOLIS.PL decided to browse the best romantic comedies on Netflix. You don’t know what to watch, and you want to feel some romance? You have reached perfection. Here are the best romantic movies and series.

The Positive Thinking Handbook (Silver Linings Guide)

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Styles and Robert De Niro. If these names appear in one movie, you can be sure of success. There was no doubt that the Positive Thinking Handbook was so. This is not a typical romantic comedy. We have neither young people nor heroes with perfect lives. exactly the contrary.

Pat suffers from bipolar disorder. Now, after a long stay in a psychiatric hospital, he has returned to his family home. He decides to work on himself and meet his ex-wife again. Tiffany just buried her husband. Young’s widow and pat are an explosive but perfect combination. The girl decides to help him get back to his ex-wife in exchange for attending a dance class with her.

Positive thinking handbook He received several Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominations. Jennifer Lawrence managed to win both statues. Do you want an extraordinary love story with an equally unique sense of humor? We recommend this movie.

The neighbors daughter

This is another movie that slips away traditionalists Romantic comedy meaning. above all girl from the neighborhood It focuses on the masculine form, not the female form. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Here our hero is Matthew. An outstanding student, a role model in all respects and an ambitious politician. Now he wants a scholarship to give a speech on moral principles. Where is the romance here?

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A high school student falls in love with his neighbor who turns out to be an old star adult movies. Now the boy’s life is turned upside down and he experiences really crazy adventures. All in the name of your nascent love.

In the main roles Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert.

your stranger (unknown)

We are now moving to Mexico. This is where the movie comes from your stranger. The production assumption may not be particularly original, but the performance is absolutely magical. What is it actually about?

Alex goes to school where most of the students are obviously much richer than him. He does not get along with many people, and with Valeria, they literally hate each other. His best friend is a mysterious girl, with whom he writes over the phone. They both don’t realize that their love for life is literally right next to them. How would they both react to the news about a classmate’s hidden face?

The movie is on Netflix and you can safely call it an undiscovered gem.

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