Depressions at the bottom of the North Sea.  It was believed that a methane leak was responsible

Unusual depressions appear at the bottom of the North Sea. Until now, it was thought to be linked to underwater methane leaks. However, recent research by German scientists shows that marine animals are responsible for the formation of unusual structures.

The floor of the North Sea is dotted with tens of thousands of unusual crater-like marks. Until now, it was thought to come from methane seeping from seafloor sediments. Thanks to a study conducted by scientists from the German Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, it was possible to prove that these effects, which are called in English WartsAnimals are responsible. These common porpoises (I accept, I accept) and blue sandal (Amodet I'm soakings) – performance fish. A publication on this topic was recently published in the scientific journal Communications Earth & Environment.

Where did the holes come from? New search

By mapping the seafloor using a high-resolution echo sounder, as well as other techniques, scientists were able to determine what was happening near the mysterious depressions.

During the study conducted by geologist Jens Schneider von Daimling from the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, it was found that the depressions are located in places where sandalwood animals live and porpoises feed. Perch hide at the bottom, where they are drilled by marine mammals. The porpoise leaves holes only 11 cm deep. They are similar in shape to the deeper, more pronounced holes found around the world.

These holes could have been mistaken for methane leaks, said Schneider von Demling.

As the researchers point out, it has been proven once again that marine animals have a major influence on the shape of the sea floor., Christian Albrecht University of Kiel

Main image source: Damsee/Shutterstock – Image is illustrative

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