Resident Evil Remedium has been crushed by fans.  Netflix series receives lowest marks

The streaming giant will once again have to deal with the devastating judgment of users who didn’t like the Resident Evil Remedium so well. Following last year’s proposals to draw on the fortune of the universe – “Welcome to Raccoon City” and “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” – it’s time for the next production, which debuted on the platform last week.

Netflix’s casting of “Resident Evil” was one of the site’s biggest July premieres, although there wasn’t much enthusiasm among viewers from the start – the acceptance of the trailers making the series’ basic assumptions was great, and much of the controversy was caused by the casting choices and the focus on the associated plot. Loosely cosmic only. The first reviews of journalists gave hope for a presentation that tells a slightly different story than expected, but will depend on the capabilities of IP Capcom.

After the release of the series, viewers who did not leave a dry thread in the Netflix project came to the fore. Resident Evil Remedium received only 22% of referrals on Rotten Tomatoes with a 1098 rating, and a Metacritic average of 1.8 out of 130 user reviews. At the same time, critics were somewhat softer with the way Wesker and His Daughters story was described, recommending 51% of the production. The story received 53 points on the second popular portal.

Essentially, recipients refer to creators for undeveloped script and a significant deviation from the Capcom brand’s core assumptions. The portrayal of the heroes, including the dramatic differences in Wesker’s creation, the manner of execution and the boring plot split into two timelines, do not elicit the best reactions. One comment from a Rotten Tomatoes user summarizes the team’s efforts:

“Why don’t they do it like they do in games? I’ve never been a fan of movie franchises because they weren’t like games. I thought this production would be different, but I was wrong. Some of the moments were fun, or okay, but this is the worst mod for the game even Now. In addition to some plot holes, we notice spoiled children. The only decent edit was the animated series on Netflix.”

In the review on our site, Piotrek also criticizes a number of the presented:

“Resident Evil: Remedium” is not a good series, while the new “Residentem” is simply hopeless. It’s just some generic zombie production that someone called “Resident Evil” to sell it better. The plot lacks speed, the plot jumps annoyingly from year to year a dozen or so times per episode, the main characters do not evoke any positive emotions in the viewer, and the camera moves in a certain way from time to time for nothing. obvious reason. As if that weren’t enough, the entire script is riddled with logical holes and doesn’t offer a satisfactory ending.”

Have you decided to check out the series? What are your feelings

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