The incident of the star of the Polish league.  He got hit by a car!

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While in the PGE Ekstraliga we have games to decide the Polish Team Championship medals, Leon Madsen had very bad luck on Saturday. The captain and captain of Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa had an accident while riding a bicycle.

Cycling can be extremely dangerous, as many motorsport stars, such as Fernando Alonso, have already discovered. The two-time Formula 1 world champion was hit by a car in early 2021 while driving on the roads around Lugano, Switzerland.

Biking is also popular with motorcyclists. Regularly decide to ride on the road, for example Maciej Janowski, Bartosz Zmrzylik, Leon Madsen and Frederik Lindgren. It’s no secret that road bikes in this environment were made famous by trainer Marek Šilak. An experienced trainer, despite his age, regularly goes horseback riding.

On Saturday, driving on the road in Gdynia could have ended badly for Leon Madsen. The captain of Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa reported via social media that he had been involved in an accident. The Dane wrote on Instagram: “Thank you to the blind idiot driver who drove me straight.”

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“This is not the way I wanted to end my training,” Madsen added, posting photos showing scratches on his knee, elbow and back. So the 34-year-old can speak of great happiness.

When Alonso, mentioned at the beginning of the article, had a bicycle accident, he suffered, among other things, a broken jaw and lost several teeth. This required surgery and a few weeks break from training. Not too bad for Madison. This is great news for Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa, who will face the PGE Ekstraliga second leg on Sunday. The competitor of “Lwów” will be Stal Gorzów.

In the first match, Czestochowa won 49:41 away from home, taking advantage of the weakness of Gurzow’s team, which could not count on the injured Anders Thomsen. Currently, Szymon Woźniak is also suffering from an injury. Therefore, before the rematch, the “lions” are the obvious favorites of the Chostokhova-Gorzow skirmish and must report to the semifinals of the PGE Ekstraliga.

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