The horrific “green border”.  PiS politicians on screen [RECENZJA]

  • On September 5, director Agnieszka Holland’s film The Green Border will premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, where it will compete for the most important award – the Golden Lion.
  • The image was attacked for months by the government and public-controlled media
  • The film does not mitigate reality, nor does it deny that the people expelled into the forest are an ambush of the democratic system
  • This devastating film takes the audience’s nerve to reveal the bloody price of a political fear campaign
  • You can find more such articles on the Onet homepage

Long before the festival begins in Venice, where Green Borders – along with Woman From… by Malgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert – will compete with the world’s best cinematography for the Golden Lion – Agnieszka Holland’s film has been covered by Wiiadomości. TVB. The PiS politicians who control the public media are not far behind.

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