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Although she was the most photographed woman in the world, anyone could recognize her. I rebelled against royal norms and dreamed of true love. Her tenderness, spontaneity, and presence where people needed attention earned her the title most important of all the privileges of royalty: the Queen of Human Hearts. The whole world mourned the sudden death of Diana, and her legend, twenty-five years later, is still alive. Academy Award-nominated director Ed Perkins shrugs off classic documentary tricks and tells her story without unnecessary comment from experts, friends or family. Archival material captured by the camera is allowed to allow Diana herself to speak. In the end, The Myth Woman, still haunted by the paparazzi, making her life a show for the whole world to see, turns out to have a fragile human body whose heart has for real stopped beating.

The film received excellent reviews after its world premiere at this year’s Sundance Festival: “A must-see for anyone who loves ‘Emmy’, ‘Sena’ and ‘Diego’ directed by Asif Kapadia (Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard.)” ;”If you have to see one movie about Diana, pick this one! (Paul Heath, Hollywood News)”; F”Great! I watched the whole movie sitting on the edge of an armchair (Peter Bradshaw, Ranger)”.

Document on Princess Diana. In cinemas?

“Diana. The Princess” is in distribution for M2 Films as of August 5 in theaters prior to its premiere.

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The queen of human hearts. Princess Diana in the lens of the paparazzi

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