April 1, 2023


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The government is on a warpath with photovoltaics

Class IV arable land (defined as “medium quality arable soil”) makes up about 40 percent of all soils in Poland. So far, PV farms have been placed on it based on development conditions. Eliminating such a possibility would mean a sharp decline in investment areas, comparable to blocking the development of wind energy. At the same time, the commune chiefs are in favor of maintaining the existing provisions. When asked by CBM Index, mayors strongly support making it easier to locate investments in solar power plants in their area. Nearly half of the communes surveyed (47 percent) were against the obligation to submit a local spatial development plan for such investments. Moreover, the research shows that two-thirds of the commune chiefs surveyed support special treatment of PV farm sites based on development conditions.

– Photovoltaic cells have the highest level of social acceptance compared to other energy sources, and at the same time it is a technology whose investment cycle is relatively short. In the face of the urgent need to build energy independence in Poland in connection with the energy crisis and the important role that solar energy should play, the proposal to suspend the development of the photovoltaic sector is energy suicide – comments Ewa Majera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish Photovoltaic Association.

These are just some of the problems communes face with development plans

By the end of 2025, local governments will have to adopt a master plan. If they fail to do so, the study of how spatial development is conducted in their area will end. In municipalities where the General Plan will not be approved after January 1, 2026, it will not be possible to approve local plans or issue development conditions (including site decisions for investments, for example for investments in renewable sources). Such a situation could mean investment paralysis. Theoretically, in KPO PLN 248 million was allocated for spatial planning reform, an average of about PLN 100,000. for one general plan. Already now, city planners declare that these assessments are at best for a small municipality.

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