One competitor, Lux Med, is taking over.  UOKiK sets terms, including on prices

As shown in Tuesday’s information Yukik, Participants focus on providing health care services. Lux Med It operates several hundred medical centers throughout the country, while Lecznice Citomed owns several clinics in Toruń. It has been observed that entrepreneurs own most of the devices in Toruń and the surrounding area, such as CT and MRI And do most of the research in this area.

The procedures that were carried out showed that concentration can significantly reduce competition. However, it was possible to impose a condition that would eliminate the negative effects of the treatment, and thus not worsen the condition of people from Toruń and the surrounding area who would use diagnostic imaging services ”- explained Thomas Crostiny, President of UOKiK, citing in the information. NHF and they pay for medical services.

“Lux Med will keep prices on the specified date”

The decision is not final. The applicant has the right to appeal to the Competition and Consumer Court.

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The Bureau announced that in granting approval for the Focus, the UOKiK Chair had taken into account changes that would enhance the focus of focus participants’ competitors. He goes, among other things, to purchase equipment for performing magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, planned by the district of Zespó Szpital im. Rydygier in Toruń.


Subject to the imposed condition, Lux Med will maintain the prices of MRI and CT diagnostic services at Lux Med and Citomed facilities for patients during the period specified in the resolution., Who is the They pay for medical services, non-use of subscriptions (so-called FFS patients) at the price list level of Lux Med in Toruń as of August 31, 2021 ”- explained.

The potential change in Lux Med prices in Toruń, as shown, would not be higher than the arithmetic average of prices for MRI and CT services for FFS patients at Lux Med facilities in cities over 100,000 residents.

It was indicated that the acquiring company would ensure non-discriminatory access to diagnostic imaging services at that time.


Maintaining discounts, not ending contracts with hospitals

FFS patients will wait for imaging scans at a time similar to when they sign up for Lux Med And no more than people whose research is funded by the National Health Fund “- he explained.

The case also applies to LuxMed’s collaboration with public hospitals in the area of ​​sub-contracting of diagnostic and imaging tests. The Company was obligated, inter alia, to: Not to terminate contracts with public hospitals for reasons related to Lux Med or Citomed, while retaining the discounts granted to public hospitals in the applicable contracts. In addition, Lux Med will be required to provide reports on the performance of commitments.


UOKiK stated that according to the regulations, the deal is subject to notification by the Antitrust Office if it involves entrepreneurs whose total sales in the previous year exceeded one billion euros in the world or 50 million euros in Poland.

When assessing the concentration, the head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection may prohibit the transaction, give approval for its implementation or make approval conditional on the fulfillment of additional conditions by the entrepreneur. Resolutions issued are valid for two years.




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