Switching to work mode for four days did not help. Window factory VELUX, the largest in Gniezno, will slow down.

– We received this news with great shock – says Gracina Isidoric, Head of Solidarity at NB Poland.

– This time, with such a wide range, everyone can be chosen for the class – and he adds.

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Trade unions estimate that up to 200 people out of nearly 1,000 employees could lose their jobs.

– Many of our customers have postponed or suspended their purchasing decisions, which leads to overstocking of finished goods warehouses and the need to slow down production – explains Jacek Siwiński, President of VELUX Polska.

The demand for regular services is rising

Others may feel this sluggishness. Unionists from the regular forces came to Warsaw. They’re not talking about layoffs, but about mass retirement.

– If the indexation of pensions is greater than the indexing of the salary, the officers can count – says Maciej Wiesersky, head of the NSZZ FSG branch board of the Naval Branch of the Border Service in Gdask.

a look: Protest against regular service. Police officers demand bigger pay increases, demand government response

Trade unions are demanding a 20% wage increase.

– We all know what inflation is and what the government is proposing to us at the moment, that is, 7.8 percent, is unacceptable – says Rafai Jankowski, chief of the NSZZ police.

– I promise we will always listen to these demands – declares Maciej Wosk, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Administration.

Video: It’s time to tighten the belt, companies are laying off workers

Fewer job offers

The unemployment rate in October was just above 5 percent.

– These are record levels and from this point we can only expect a slowdown, because this is the economic situation – assesses Kamil Sobolewski, Chief Economist for Employers of the Republic of Poland.

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The changes are already visible on the job seekers portals. There are currently 22 percent fewer new offerings than in the same period – admits Pawe Świderski, director of OLX Praca.

work abroad

The number of job seekers abroad increased by a third compared to last year. This is 370 thousand people. We don’t know how many Ukrainians there are.

– If they all found a job abroad, we could erase a city the size of Szczecin from the map of Poland – according to Paewwidrsky’s estimates.

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Bartosz Małecki goes to work in France. He takes care of the last procedures.

– Why not Poland? It is mainly about profits. He explains that living in Poland is becoming more expensive.

– Previously, mainly young people or those who have left for many years left. Today, we observe the phenomenon of people who have never worked abroad before leaving, says Krzysztof Zawadzky of the employment agency EuropaJOB.

More and more people are looking for part time jobs

The number of people looking for additional work is increasing.

– A year ago, there were a thousand new people a month, but now a thousand come in a week – admits Wojciech Kwiatkowski from the employment agency “Czasoowka.pl”.

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Until now, part-time jobs have been in demand mainly during summer vacations.

– There is a strong slowdown ahead, but it may also have a positive effect on some economic parameters, and above all on inflation – says Bowie Boris, head of the Polish Development Fund.

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