March 28, 2023


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You won't believe who introduced Ricardo to his wife

You won’t believe who introduced Ricardo to his wife

Famous chef Ricardo and his wife Brigid Thanks to an iconic Quebec personality.

It’s really popular Sister AngelaWho had even arranged it Blind date!

This happened during the couple’s appearance on the talk show The Week of 4 July The couple revealed this beautiful story to us.

“Ricciardo and Brigitte, it is true that you met in a way Blind date Sister Angeline?”, introducing Julie Snyder in Jody’s place.

“Yes it is true, matched by the hand of God (…) She asked me one day: Do you have a blonde? There Ben, like no! (…) I have someone to introduce to you…“Ricardo was initiated into the set by the memory of his discussion with Sister Angel.

The happy ending, We know Ricardo and Brigitte have been dating since September 1993, and they share three daughters!

The couple was also willing to talk about themselves New bookPosted a few days ago, definitely linked to complicity.

“Our new book MANGER ENSEMBLE has arrived in all three of our stores in Saint-Lambert, Laval and Quebec, as well as our online store! Come see us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you when you do. “Ricciardo started on his social networks.

We wish Riccardo and Brigitte a good sequel and more beautiful projects to come!

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