Big discount on purchases in a popular network.  Just come with your own packaging

How much discount can Carrefour customers get? What conditions must be met? We answer.

Carrefour offers a new solution. Discount for customers who bet on eco-shopping

As I mentioned “Republic”Carrefour is another supermarket chain that has decided to offer environmental solutions. From April 22, customers who will purchase products by weight, using their own packaging instead of single-use containers and plastic bags, will receive Issue Selected products 25% off the prices Produce.

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– Reducing food waste and promoting sustainable buying habits is a common goal for our customers and our chain – says “Rzeczpospolita” Selwester Mrozek, Director of Coordination and Commercial Concept Development at Carrefour Polska.

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– On the occasion of the celebration Earth day We can advertise more solutions that will help our customers make reasonable purchases. Thanks to the reusable packaging and bags, they’ll be able to buy exactly the amount of product they need — he adds.

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Sustainable shopping at Carrefour. Offer includes returnable bottles

environmental the shopping In Carrefour can be done from 2019. This is one of the first Shopswhich has phased out single-use plastic containers and replaced them with eco-friendly counterparts. Furthermore, Carrefour customers can purchase coffee for their own cups and get reusable bags.

Auchan (illustration image)The boycott of companies that remained in Russia is ineffective. 2 networks with increased traffic

In the stores of this network, you can also return the bottles without showing proof of their purchase. Capital For returnable bottles, they are returned to customers in the form of shopping vouchers.

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