The Germans report on Lewandowski's transformation.  Football has changed a lot

Robert Lewandowski He still has not renewed his contract with Bayern Munich. The current contract is binding on the captain Poland national team With the German champions until the end of June 2023, which means that at the beginning of next year Lewandowski can speak with any club about an initial contract. It was mentioned by Fabrizio Romano So far, there have been no talks between Bayern and Lewandowski over a new agreement.

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The Germans noticed the transformation of Robert Lewandowski. “Goals Affect Mood”

German Daily Sport Bild has taken a look at the three players who have had the biggest impact on Bayern Munich. I’m talking about Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Muller And the Manuel Neuer. Reporters confirm that Muller is in contact with every player Bayern And it pairs well with every outfit in a coat room. Manuel Neuer has the status of “untouchable” due to his charisma and performance. The goalkeeper forms a harmonious group with Sven Ulrich and Christian Fruchtel.

Germany also focus on Robert Lewandowski They note his transition from being promoted up the hierarchy to captaincy in 2019 – he is now third after Neuer and Muller. We read: “Lewandowski has changed a lot. He tries to share his views openly and fuels the exchange of opinions, especially with the coaching staff.” SportBuild notes that it affects mood pole They have goals. If Lewandowski does not score in the match, he will be calmer and a bit withdrawn during training.

Journalists add that during training sessions it is often loud and there are tensions between Robert Lewandowski and Leroy Sane. Robert Lewandowski He did not score in the last match against Eintracht Frankfurt (1:0), so it is not equal to the index Jupp Heynckes Timo Werner has scored the most away goals in a season Bundesliga Lewandowski 16 goals, while Heynckes and Werner 17 goals.

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