A leading Polish volleyball player, speaks powerfully about the team.  Accused of forging girls' signatures

Joanna Vosz in an interview with TVP Sport did not get through the bush over the conflict in the Polish volleyball team. – This text said more about the person of the president – confirms the author.

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Joanna Woese

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Joanna Vosses of the Olympic qualifiers in Apeldoorn (January 2020) had a game break with the national team. The playmaker, among others, did not participate in the 2021 European Championship.

I wanted to fulfill one of my dreams (playing in the Olympics – Editor’s note) and fight for it. failed in. I thought I might not be in this team anymore – Wołosz revealed in an interview with sport.tvp.pl.

The 31-year-old had a huge grudge against the Polish Volleyball Federation and then-president, Jacek Kasperzyk. – Including how you got into the head. I was told that the letter was my initiative. Moreover, she was accused of forging the girls’ autographs – she admitted this.

Watch the video: Netizens rub their eyes. What did the Polish star do?!

In September 2019, thirteen Polish representatives sent a letter to President Kasperzyk. It’s about going against Coach Nawrocki (more here). Commenting on the moral thread in the frame, the boss used the phrase: “I didn’t do the mattress,” and poured oil on the fire (more here).

– exactly. This text said the most about the person of the President. At that time, there was a revolution going on in my head. I didn’t know if I wanted to represent such a person. After Apeldoorn all the stress was gone from me – Wallach emphasized.

Now, however, there is a positive message on the Wołosz-PZPS line. In accordance with the decision of President Sebastian Schwedersky, Alexandra Gaggio will deal with the union’s female staff.

We played together for two years, we know each other well from the field and we love each other very much. It was fun to hear from her after a long time. I am positively surprised that someone thought of us. (..) The boss was able to say that he knew nothing about women’s volleyball, so he was asking someone else for help. Hearing something like that from a guy these days is a big deal – Wołosz hailed the new head of PZPS.

One of the candidates for the position of White-Reds coach is current Wołosz club coach, Daniel Santarelli. A 40-year-old Italian who would be the perfect coach for the Polish team? – I won’t say it out loud, because I don’t want it to be said later that a coach has been chosen for Woosz. This would be the worst thing that could happen. It doesn’t change the fact that I love working with Daniele – I summed up one of the best Polish volleyball players.

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