Arkadiusz Milik with another goal!  What a fiery game in the European League.  football

In the middle of the group stage European Championships Lazio He got three points after three draws, a Olympique Marseille 4 points (win, draw and lose). That is why Thursday’s meeting in the south of France is so important. The hosts started better.

Legia Warszawa drama in the Naples match. From Heaven to Hell

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This may be the new star of the Polish national team. “Ecstasy Among Fans”

In the 32nd minute, Francesco Acerbi, European champion 2020 Arcadios Melik in the penalty area. Eleven approached the victim himself. And Marseille took the lead with a powerful shot. The goalkeeper didn’t have a chance because the ball was flying too fast.

for a former striker Naples It was only the second goal this season, and already the twelfth for Marseille, which he scored in January 2021.

Two singles by Legia players.  These are the scores after the match against NapoliTwo singles by Legia players. These are the scores after the match against Napoli

Lazio tied in extra time games. The goal was scored by Felipe Anderson. The Brazilian had his best position in the home team’s penalty area when the ball bounced off the players like a ball of boards on a pool table. And so it wore on until it was finally under his feet, and only then completed the formalities.

Immediately after the break, Ciro Immobile scored a goal in the 49th minute. For the Italian it was already the 160th goal of the Romanian club. Nobody in the blue part of the Italian capital won more.

The match is still going on.

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