The Game Awards have been criticized for their lack of tact.  “Please End Now” – CD

“In search of lost time.” That’s how he summed up this year Game Awards 2023 Our DaeL Editor. He points out that the disproportion between trailers, advertisements and participants’ speeches reached a critical point during the ceremony. He is not alone in this opinion. The short duration of life (compared to the long streaming time of mobile games) seemed tactless. The head of Larian Studios faced a very disturbing situation.

“Please wrap it up.”

Swen Vincke was haunted by a big screen bearing the words “Please Wrap It Up” while remembering his deceased bandmates.. It can be translated as “please go to the end”, but it is more direct than in Polish. He had thirty seconds for the entire performance. The case came to light thanks to a suggestive recording from the public. Compare it with e.g Long trailer for OD with KojimaYou can feel the dissonance.

We have said goodbye to many people during this journey. So I would like to dedicate this award to them; Especially Jim, our head animator, who passed away last month.

In this context, it is not surprising that he is his boss He forgot to announce a Baldur’s Gate 3 port on Xbox, which he admitted with some remorse on Twitter/X. However, the public relations department of a large company acted kindly and congratulated the winner and wore his shield.

Jeff Keighley, the main person behind the party, responded to the discussion. He announced changes, but it must be admitted that he approached them quite casually and did not comment on the biggest controversies, including those related to the boycott of some people (which he did not acknowledge). However, he received more hypothetical criticism. Unfortunately, something tells me not much will change about this.

By the way, I agree that the music played too fast this year and I asked our team to relax this rule during the program. Although no one has been effectively silenced, it is an issue that must be addressed in the future.

Game Awards 2023 in Nami

We remind you that this Baldur’s Gate 3 took home the main prize. The second winners are definitely Remedy and Nintendo, whose games this year dominated the ceremony.

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