I was disgusted with the exercises, and now I do it 5 times a week.  Equipment and applications

They say mobilization comes faster if you exercise regularly, but the worst thing is to start, so the situation can be disastrous after all. One day, when I heard that my lifestyle would change or diabetes would come, I clung to the spirit…and did nothing about it. Things got worse and I finally found the will and strength to move on. from where? Frankly I do not know. But some equipment helped me with that.

I know, and I know, we’re not going to get over the top with this one, but at first it wasn’t really a bad buy. Rising to the top of being able to find valuable gear, I googled “cheap stationary bike” and chose what I liked the most in terms of price and design (after all, it was supposed to stand roughly in the middle of my luxury apartment of just over 30m²) And she has good feedback.

fell on him Zipro brand, One S Gold model (which differs from the regular One S only in color). It costs a little after that More than 400 PLNBut I didn’t push myself a bit, so it didn’t hurt as much as it could. It was very easy to assemble. And I started – for the first 20 minutes, then up to 50 minutes, the bike felt like that, because one of the pedals decided that Makes regular soundsBut it wasn’t annoying enough to try to put it together again, because maybe it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I think it can be fixed, but we met here because I’m lazy, so I get it.

What a frustrating thing that was Heart rate measurement didn’t work at allNor actually any measurement. The bike should check your heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned and current speed. And sure, I had different devices for it (more on that soon), but when this one has such functions, I’d like it to work. These readings are unreliable. The bike was used by two people, with a relatively large difference in height, and although the change in saddle height took some time, the device is still Designed more for short people. It has a 24 month door to door manufacturer’s warranty, which is always a plus.

So if you need an exercise bike you can sit on and ride on, but have an extra device that can measure expected values, and don’t want to spend a lot of money at the same time, then the Zipro One S Gold might be for you. Of course, before it turns into mobile wardrobeBecause even with this series, riding a stationary bike is insanely boring, and I’ve switched to cardio.

Let’s face it, I wouldn’t run a marathon or even a half marathon, but that’s not all there is to it. It was important to me Count the steps if kilometers traveledAnd the Save training time As if the clock is still displayed hourthat would be great.

I have used the sports band since the beginning of cycling. I didn’t know if I would stay active any longer, so there was absolutely no point in investing in something so expensive if it was just a nice accessory or it ended up at the bottom of a long-forgotten drawer. So I bought it Mi Panda 5 And the I am completely satisfied out of use. Most of all, it was important price – I paid for it then A little over 100 PLN. completely salaryAnd the Respond well to touch. This holds a special place in my heart the batteryWho can carry For up to 2 weeks on a single charge. sensor Could be betterBecause after a few practice sessions he thought I had a pulse of 76 instead of 168, but that was enough to remind him of the basics of math. It also served wonderfully For basic smartphone related activities. he is waterproofwhich I reviewed. A strong stream of water can guide you Accidentally checking the weatherBut it is forgiving. For such a low price, I got good equipment, maybe a little Small AMOLED screenbut in the next version, this one is bigger, and I must admit that at the beginning of the adventure with exercises, I can recommend to everyone the Xiaomi sports band.

I wrote a separate review about this smartwatch, which I cordially invite you to, and here I will briefly state that it was very good choice And while it is particularly compared to the Mi Banda, the battery should be facing the sun or landfills, Apple Watch SE is awesome. I have been using it regularly for over a year. Turns out the trivial thing is of particular importance here – On a port we have to close all activity loopsSo full of color and…so that it’s beautiful. We get too Badges for completing monthly and special challenges. And that was enough as a motivator on the days when I totally rejected the movement. This argument may not appeal to everyone, but the most important thing is that it worked.

fitness app It came from the consoles of the developers of Cupertino. We will read it Summary of our trainingAnd the trends (for example, in connection with training in a longer period of time, our condition has improved and we have walked faster / exercised longer, etc.), we will check the acquired, mentioned earlier Awards And we’ll take a look at exactly those Data about our daily activity – How many steps or kilometers have we walked, how long we have been on our feet, how many floors have we climbed, how long we have been training, etc. The app is very easy to use and works as a fitness magazine.

The idea for this weight came up because my previous weight showed completely different values ​​every day. And while I am far from denying my great abilities, it was not possible for me to lose weight and gain so quickly in such a short period of time. You see, it was important for me to start exercising by default Good equipment, but relatively cheap (I deleted the Apple Watch here, which showed up when I was sure it made sense.) So I chose Huawei Smart Scale 3 behind About 150 PLN. Pairing it with any device has been a long adventure that I don’t want to repeat. But she succeeded. And before people who are against weighing themselves daily or frequently, I must mention that there are certain health conditions which unfortunately are necessary for them.

We will check the data read by the scale on the screen, but for details we have to go to the app Huawei Health. Fortunately, this happened recently Modernizationwhich changed the look and layout of the information on the screen, which turned out to be very important and Optimizing the use of both devices. They include: reading your heart rate while measuring (which is really fun), basal metabolism, body fat percentage, lean mass, body water content, visceral fat level, and some other parameters. what is important, Scales can be used by multiple people It does not affect the quality of reading. But speaking of that, no need to cheat, it’s not the most professional scale in the world – ie He will give up the number of kilograms. It is worse with other valuesHe could go crazy as if there was no tomorrow. By design, however, I treated it as NBIt is not an indisputable fact, so it does its job as well as possible so far.

However, it turns out to be an absolute waste of time and money Fitatu App. I didn’t pay much for its full version, 49.99 PLN. The idea was good. to control it, How many calories do I eat per day, you need to know the amount of each specific product. We were never really into math, so you have to save yourself for such moments. Day in and day out you have to put relevant data into the app and I had enough patience for that for a week. The big advantage was that you could find products on sale, then choose a slice of cheese or three, etc. The app is liquidinstead of intuitiveAnd the In the free version, the ads bothered me Some features are not available, but I think At the start of the battle with proportions and calorie deficits, it’s a good toolHowever, not only for me. I can’t keep a calendar or journal on a regular basis, so unfortunately this ship has irrevocably sunk and if I have to enter something manually thank you for your cooperation, but I must admit that until this week I have been allowed to find out what to call and how to keep This deficit. Is it always successful? Probably not, but like I said, we met here because I’m lazy… and I still do sports 5 times a week!

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